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Abilene Cosmetic Dentistry - Robert R. Hawley, DDS, FACP

The popularity of cosmetic dentistry continues to rise because patients can get a “celebrity-like smile” by choosing from an array of quick, painless, and affordable treatments. Dr. Robert Hawley is a cosmetic dentist in Abilene, TX that offers a range of services including teeth whitening, Lumineers, veneers, crowns, and bridges. His cosmetic dental treatments are able to:

  • Fill gaps in between teeth
  • Change the shape, size, and alignment of teeth
  • Whiten the color of teeth
  • Replace teeth that are missing
  • Repair teeth that have been decayed, chipped, or cracked


Traditional veneers require preparation of the teeth, meaning the existing tooth enamel is shaven down to provide adequate room for the veneers to be placed. Patients will usually request Lumineers as another option because of that reason. While Dr. Hawley does offer both, he utilizes a much thinner veneer that measures just three-tenths of a millimeter. Our Lumineers and veneers are specifically designed to give you that celebrity-like smile without destroying existing tooth enamel.

Teeth Whitening

Over the years, we have seen a dramatic increase in the interest of teeth whitening. Whiter teeth are not only aesthetically appealing, they can also help boost self-confidence. Dr. Hawley offers in-office and take-home teeth whitening services to his patients, utilizing the trusted brands of Opalescence and Rapid Bleach.

Opalescence Take-Home Whitening Gels are perfect for those who wish to whiten their teeth in the convenience of their home. Dr. Hawley helps personalize this by creating custom bleaching trays from an impression of the mouth. Patients are able to further customize the whitening process by choosing from three different strengths of bleaching: 10%, 16%, and 20%.

Patients who want faster results can opt for our in-office teeth whitening services. Opalescence’s unique formula is chemically activated which allows Dr. Hawley to whiten teeth without having to use an ultraviolet ray. The results take less than an hour and only one appointment is necessary. Because Opalescence’s formula contains fluoride, your teeth will not only be multiple shades whiter, your enamel can be better protected from cavities.

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When it comes to modern dental procedures and technology, our patients deserve the very best. We go above and beyond conventional dental care and offer advanced treatment options including Lumineers. While Lumineers may have the same visual effect as traditional veneers, they are much less invasive and are about the same width as a contact lens. Because Lumineers are so thin, there is no need to drill existing tooth enamel. This helps give patients the option of reversing the procedure entirely.

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