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Dental Implants in Abilene, TX

Missing teeth can impact you; it can affect how you carry yourself around others, how you present yourself during special events, and how you perform daily tasks such as eating and speaking. Lost teeth make you self-conscious, which is why at the office of Robert R. Hawley, DDS, FACP we provide dental implants. Implant treatment comprehensively replaces missing teeth, and with Dr. Hawley’s combination of modern techniques and state-of-the-art technology you receive a complete, beautiful smile.

Dr. Hawley is one of the only medical professionals in Abilene, Texas that can place and restore dental implants. Treatments planning and procedures will be performed by Dr. Hawley himself as well as laboratory work completed under the same roof to provide patients with quicker access to the restorations that have been created.

Dr. Robert Hawley has earned his degree of FACP (Fellow College of Prosthodontist) by completing case presentations before several examiners and passing written, oral, and clinical exams. Dr. Hawley is the only board-certified Prosthodontist in Abilene, Texas, and is a member of the American Board of Prosthodontists. He is also a Diplomat of the American College of Prosthodontists since 1990 and he continues his education on an annual basis to provide state-of-the-art treatment.

Looking for a dentist that meets your dental needs and goals while exceeding your expectations with exceptional customer service? Contact our Abilene dental practice today, where the sciences of dentistry meet the art of the smile.

What Makes Dental Implants One of the Best Teeth Replacements Available?

A dental implant consists of three components: the post, the abutment, and the restoration, while the treatment itself has four segments: consultation, placement, healing, and prosthetic. The implant post Is what is surgically inserted into the jawbone, to replace the lost tooth root. This helps to continuously stimulate the bone and halt resorption. A process where adjacent dental structures are used to fill the void left by the missing tooth root, causing a person to have a shrunken appearance and prematurely aged.

Leaving a missing tooth unaddressed has a domino effect as surrounding teeth can begin shifting into the empty space causing misalignment, bite strength weakens, and poorer digestion.

Implant Treatment in Abilene Dental Practice

When you come into our office wishing to receive dental implants, Dr. Hawley must perform a thorough examination of your smile. This lets him evaluate your oral health and determine if you require any preoperatory procedures. These treatments bolster the condition of your dental anatomy and ensure the implant post integrates with the jawbone. If your smile is found to meet the requirements, you and our Abilene dentist talk about an effective treatment plan that both of you can feel confident with.

At the office of Robert R. Hawley, DDS, FACP, we do everything to maximize your comfort such as talk with you step by step regarding the entire process of your treatment. We give you a written treatment plan so you know what your cost will be up front. We also use iMagDent, a computer software that allows us to do a virtual dental surgery on a 3D image of the patient prior to the actual surgery.

Dr. Hawley utilizes only the highest quality of restorations for his patients. He has surgical guides crafted to assist him during the placement procedure. These guides reduce the risk for error and ensure the posts are put in at their optimal locations. Our practice only uses dental implants fabricated by Nobel Biocare®, a brand renowned for their aesthetic abilities and top-notch materials.

Once your dental implants are inserted into the jaw and the appropriate amount of time has passed to allow the post and bone to fuse, you return to the practice for your restoration. We provide patients with crowns, bridges, and dentures, each crafted with visually pleasing materials meant to duplicate the appearance of natural teeth.

We also provide immediate dentures so that patients may leave our practice with a complete smile. All-on-4 is another option we offer our patients, which gives them the opportunity to achieve full sets of teeth with the minimum amount of dental implants.

Dr. Hawley does all of the treatment planning, laboratory work, and surgery in-house so our patients do not need to visit multiple dentists and locations.

Restore Your Smile with Dr. Hawley!

If you have any questions about dental implants, one of the best teeth replacement options available, contact the office of Robert R. Hawley, DDS, FACP. At our Abilene dental practice, we utilize a gentle and comprehensive approach to provide you with a beautiful, complete, and healthy smile. One that allows you to have optimal function and an attractive appearance.



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